Electric Bicycles have started to carve out their place in the cycling world and are being used by everyone, both young and old,
for their versatility, ease of use, and just the fun of having that assistance on hand.

In light of this we decided to embrace all things electric and open a new showroom, almost opposite our current shop,
stocking everything from full on, full suspension carbon e-mountain bikes, to folding commuter E bikes, and pretty much everything in-between.
Feel free to come along and take a look and maybe even try an electric bike for the first time from one of our current brands,
Once you have ridden one you may be hooked!


A lightweight, long travel, e-bike with easily enough power to get you to the top of the most steep climbs, yet feel like a normal enduro bike on the way down. The best of both worlds, who wouldnt want one! We are all lusting after this bike at the moment and are going to be more than a little envious of the first one who gets it.

YETI - E160

Yeti are already a legendary name in mountain biking so when they decided to make an ebike they decided to take racing as their inspiration. They took a lot of time and effort to create a bike with a whole new e-bike specific suspension platform which just gets better the faster you go. It also helps that, in true Yeti style, they look as good as they ride.

Orbea Rise M Team Image


Orbea have been making bikes since 1930 so they know what they are doing and when it came to the Rise, thier lightweight, full suspension trail e-bike they got the formula just right. The 60nm power of the motor, and its clever power usage management with the Orbea specific RS tune, means you get an amazing bike that feels like a normal bike to ride downhill but with almost all of the grunt of a full fat ebike. Orbea did this spec first and others are now copying.


The vibe, from Orbea, is an urban / road electric bike which is as stylish as it is practical. It comes in a few different specs, a low step frame version, an equipped version (with lights, pannier rack, and mudguards, or the standard version, but whichever one you may choose you will be sure to look stylish whilst passing others going up the hill. An ebike that weighs under 16kg? That will be the Vibe.